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Careconnect Health Insurance Group Review: Getting Back in Shape – Safely

It may be cold, wet or slushy outside, but that’s no excuse to put off exercise until spring. And now that the New Year’s resolution crowds have started to peter out, this is a great time to get better acquainted with your local gym or fitness studio – especially because CareConnect will help pay for your gym membership if you go enough times! (Get the details on this sweet deal for members here.) If it’s been a long time since you last worked out, though, it’s important to start slow to keep the intimidation level and risk of injury low. Physical therapist Daniel Vaknin, assistant vice president of the Northwell Health Outpatient Rehabilitation Network, shares these tips for protecting yourself from injury and burn-out. Get clearance


First things first: If you’re a man over 45 or a woman over 55 and you haven’t exercised regularly in years, get approval from your doctor before you begin any new fitness routine. “Your doctor knows your health history and can weigh in as to what you’re in shape to do,” says Vaknin, including the type of exercise or intensity level that’s safe for you. Also see your doctor first if you have a significant preexisting medical condition. Get a little guidanceYou may not have an interest in starting a long-term relationship with a personal trainer, but springing for several sessions will be well worth the cost, says Vaknin. (Some gyms even offer a free introductory session to new members.) “It’s important to have a qualified professional set up a routine for you based on your goals, and show you correct form and safe practices,” he says. “When people get hurt at the gym, it’s usually because they never learned the right way to do something.” Get warm


Most people think that they need to stretch before exercising, but it’s actually more important to do a little warm-up before going full-out, says Vaknin. Nothing elaborate is required -- a five-minute walk on the treadmill or an easy spin on the stationary bike will help raise your heart rate gradually and lubricate your muscles and joints, so you’re less likely to hurt yourself once you pick up the pace or intensity. (As for stretching, research shows that it’s most effective when your muscles are warm, so consider doing that after your warm-up – or at the end of the exercise session.) Get real


Just because you can (barely) lift a 50-pound dumbbell doesn’t mean you should start there. “You should only go as heavy as you can while still maintaining proper form,” says Vaknin. As soon as your posture or your technique starts to suffer, you’re no longer going to benefit in the same way—and you’re more likely to injure yourself as well. The same goes for jogging or running. If you’re training for a 10K or a half marathon, increase your mileage slowly, and finish each training session feeling strong. It’s okay to feel a little sore the next day, but if you’re unable to recover within two days, that’s a sign you may be progressing too quickly. Get going!


Regular exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body, mood, mind and health, says Vaknin – studies have shown that it reduces the risk of chronic disease, improves your mood, helps you control your weight and increases the likelihood that you’ll be around for a good long while. So why not check out the gym or fitness club? You just might find a favorite new routine.


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Careconnect Health Insurance Group Review: How to Avoid America’s Top Killer

You may have heard some scary news last month about heart health. According to a new study from the American Heart Association (AHA), one in three deaths in the United States is caused by cardiovascular disease (heart attack, stroke, clogged arteries or related problems), making it the country’s top killer. Even scarier: Many of us don’t realize we’re at risk, says David Friedman, MD, chief of Heart Failure Services at Northwell Health’s Franklin Hospital and assistant professor of cardiology at Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine.


“A lot of people are oblivious until one day a best friend or close relative has a heart attack or stroke,” says Friedman. “But we all have some level of risk, and that risk goes up as we get older. So we have to be vigilant.” The good news? Heart disease and its related conditions are almost entirely preventable.


In fact, following a few simple guidelines can dramatically reduce your danger of cardiovascular disaster, says Friedman, even if you’ve never worried about your heart before. Here’s how to start.


Stay away from smoke


There’s been a 30 percent drop in cigarette smoking since 1998 – but even so, the AHA study noted that nearly 19 percent of men and 15 percent of women lit up in 2014. If you’re still smoking, talk to your doctor about how to make 2016 the year you quit for good.


Not a smoker? You may still be putting your heart at risk if you spend time around others who smoke, or in environments where smoking is allowed. Breathing in secondhand smoke can cause heart disease, not to mention lung cancer and a host of other problems, says Friedman.


Luckily, New York State bans smoking in workplaces and entertainment venues. Improve your odds of staying healthy by making sure no one smokes in your home, your car or anywhere else you spend significant amounts of time.


Eat plant-based meals, not processed ones.


According to the AHA study, the proportion of adults consuming an ideal diet has increased over the last decade, from .7 percent in 2003-2004 to 1.5 percent in 2011-2012. But that means more than 98 percent of us could do better. And many of us could do a lot better, says Friedman. So what should you eat to keep your heart healthy? “To begin with, eat a plant-based diet with less fried and fatty foods,” says Friedman. “Try to stay away from anything processed, in boxes and packages.


” Limit salt, alcohol and sugary snacks, like candy and soda, which provide no real nutrients and can cause blood-sugar (and energy) levels to spike and then crash. The bottom line? Eat more fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains, and aim for fewer saturated fats and empty carbohydrates.


Move more


In the data tracked by the AHA, about one in three adults reported no physical activity outside of work. That’s a recipe for cardiovascular disaster, Friedman says.


In fact, the AHA recommends at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, at least five days a week. “It doesn’t have to be 30 minutes all at once,” Friedman says. “I tell people to break it up. They can do 10 minutes in the morning on a stationary bike, for example, a 10-minute walk on their lunch break, and 10 minutes doing something active as soon as they get home, before they sit down for dinner and settle in for the night.”


If your heart can handle it, sub in some high-intensity aerobic activity a few times a week. And try to do some regular resistance training—using bands or dumbbells, or doing body-weight exercises like squats and push-ups. “Weight-training isn’t just for muscle strengthening,” Friedman says. “It has cardiovascular benefits, too.”


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Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning: Why you need a professional HVAC installation?

Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning: Why you need a professional HVAC installation?

Getting a professional HVAC installation from Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning delivers an easy and hassle-free process. Trustworthy companies like them can provide reliable assistance in every step, from choosing the best furnace and air conditioning system to completing and checking the installation, to ensure that you will enjoy maximum home comfort.

In order to calculate the capacity your new HVAC system will need, their team carefully evaluates your home and your daily needs first. You might choose a new HVAC system that over or underpowered your needs without this information, which can result in poor performance, low air quality, high monthly bills, and greater strain on the system. Based on reviews, Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning does a great job in pairing your needs with the right HVAC system, resulting in efficient heating and cooling of your home. You can achieve a great indoor environment with their chosen furnace and air conditioner.

If you don't have the necessary skills and tools, it would be better to entrust the installation of your HVAC system to the professionals instead. Some homeowners believe that they can do the job properly, but they only end up damaging their new HVAC system and experience stress and growth in their expenses. Hiring a dependable company like Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning is an easy, smart, and cost-effective choice.

Proper installation is the key to an efficient and durable HVAC system. You might notice poor performance and higher energy bills once your heating and cooling appliances are not functioning effectively due to poor installation. You can be certain that your system is going to installed properly and functions with the maximum efficiency if you choose professional installation. With this, you can achieve the home environment you want and the savings you're looking forward to on your heating and cooling bills.

Choose the professional HVAC installation of Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning today and witness their team do an excellent job as they have been fulfilling several people HVAC needs since 1939. You can trust their team with installations on everything - from ventilation to heating systems and water heaters. You also can find quality HVAC products and solutions on their website and inquire for different products such as alternative heating systems like boilers, hot boilers or water heaters. Avoid fraud services online when looking for a dependable HVAC company near you, by any chance, search for any service protection tips online.

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Project Manager, Fraud Operations Strategy - IHM

Project Manager, Fraud Operations Strategy - IHM

Project Manager, Fraud Operations Strategy

Discover Products Inc seeks a Project Manager, Fraud Operations Strategy, in Riverwoods, Illinois to develop and implement operational strategies by leveraging analytics and understanding of fraud operations processes. Work across multi-functional teams. Administer activities around design and deployment of strategies into fraud operations procedures and processes for customer interactions through multiple channels. Identify opportunities for process improvements through data driven approach. Assess impacts to policy/procedures and other operational impacts of any change. Work on fraud system impacts related to new infrastructure changes as a result of SAS and real time data requirements. Define and gather real time data requirements from operations strategy standpoint. Define user stories and requirements for system changes. Operational system UAT and documentation. Organize several different projects at once, negotiate timelines with multiple business partners, and communicate with all levels of organization. Perform analysis and utilize results to design, test and recommend effective strategies. Provide ongoing process management, communication, and support to strategy/field partners. Promote a risk-aware culture, ensure efficient and effective risk and compliance management practices by adhering to required standards and processes.


REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor's degree in Operations Management, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electronics Engineering or related quantitative field, or equivalent and 5 years of experience managing and executing operational strategies for multinational organization utilizing data manipulation tools including SAS, SQL and advanced Excel; creating test cases and analyzing business requirements to ensure accurate test results and documenting results; and, optimizing VBA automation tools and Java to identify issues.

QUALIFIED APPLICANTS: Please apply directly through this website by clicking on "Apply Now." No calls. Equal Opportunity Employer/disability/vet.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and do not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, status as a veteran, and basis of disability or any other federal, state or local protected class.

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Eagan Credit Card Fraud Lawyer: Bradley John Haddy Attorney At Law, Minnesota Esqiure, L.L.C.

Eagan Credit Card Fraud Lawyer: Bradley John Haddy Attorney At Law, Minnesota Esqiure, L.L.C.

In American society a huge amount of commerce takes place every day. It has become easier to purchase goods and services with credit, including credit cards. And the Internet has significantly increased the number and ease of these transactions.


With this ease comes the temptation to commit credit card fraud to obtain things we want or need, with money we don't have, or simply by using someone else's identity or credit information. Credit card companies make it easier by making it so easy to get a card and use it, with high credit limits and cash available.


Large dollar purchases and large numbers of purchases are made by hacking others' computers to commit credit card fraud. People also simply use a friend or relative's card, or an employer's. These actions may be illegal under federal as well as state law.



You may be investigated for bank fraud without your knowing it, and charged with a serious crime. The dollar amounts and your own criminal record affect the severity of the charge, which could include a prison sentence as well as stiff fines. If you are convicted, your criminal record can cause problems for you for years to come. You may find it difficult to find a job, an apartment, or get into college.


Burnsville Wire Fraud Attorney

Police have limitations on the ways they can collect evidence. They must respect your rights. Prosecutors must prove the case against you. If they do not have a strong case, they cannot convict you. They must show, for example, that you knew you were using someone else's card, or that you yourself used your computer to commit a crime, and not someone else on your computer.


Contact criminal defense attorney Bradley John Haddy for assistance with your white collar crimes legal matter. I offer free initial consultations on money laundering, theft, larceny and other charges and accept all major credit cards. Spanish, sign language and Somali-speaking translation services are available. I am available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.